VIP Package – Starting at $595 Per Season

Our VIP package offers everything in the Unlimited Package and your property will be cleared and salted, as needed, every 4-5 hours for every snowfall. This includes clearing snow from all walks and mailbox area.

  • VIP 2 Season –  $560 per season
  • VIP 4 Season –  $515 per season

Unlimited Package – Starting at $445 Per Season

Includes all the great things mentioned for our 1” Service below, plus, you also get service for all snowfalls of any amount, even those under 1.0” down to a trace of snow. If snow is less than 1” we generally will clear by blowing the snow and/or  treating the surface with snow/ice melt.

  • Unlimited 2 Seasons $420 per season
  • Unlimited 4 Seasons $385 per season

1″ Package – Starting at $355 Per Season

Our 1” service has our drivers out in Sun City patrolling the area when the snow begins to fall. Our spotters take measurements in many different areas within Sun City and we also used NWS totals to help us determine when to start plowing. We start plowing only if the snow is greater than 1.0”.  Snow removal needs can vary greatly, even within just one community. We clear driveways, aprons, the walk to the front door and the stoop with shovels, snow blowers and plows.

  • 2 Seasons  1” package – $320 per season
  • 4 Seasons  1” package – $285 per season

Snowbird Special – Just $220 Per Season

Our special service includes one clearing per snowfall over 1.0”, with clearing completed within 46 hours of the end of the storm. If there are multiple snowfalls within a short period of time, we will clear once, after all snowfalls have ended, or as needed. This is a great alternative for people who travel during the winter months but who want the snow cleared for safety reasons.

  • Snow Bird 2 Seasons – $220 per season

De-Icing Service – Just $12.50 Per Snowfall*!

Includes spreading snow/ice melt. After every snow clearing, we will treat your drive and walk with the appropriate snow and ice melt.

  • For a one-time charge of $80.00, we will salt your driveway / sidewalk after EVERY snowfall for the whole season
  • Alternatively, pay $12.50 each snowfall – to be applied when snow / ice has ended after snow is cleared*

*We will keep track, then bill the $12.50 per event, after each service. Or simply pay an extra $80 and we will salt every time after every snow clearing for the entire season.

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